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Stimupro is an organic compound containing naturally occurring plant extracts and ligno-proteins designed to increase root growth, increase chlorophyll in any plant that is green and actively growing.

Question 3. How was Stimupro developed?

Dwight Lincoln is President and Owner of Stimupro, Inc. located in Milton Florida. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with a degree in Agronomy. As an Agricultural Consultant he has owned and operated Lincoln Consulting Service for 35 years. Dwight is a charter member of the National alliance of Independent Crop Consultants and is co-founder and charter member of the Alabama Crop Consulting Association.

As a crop consultant and agronomist, Dwight has worked with plant growth stimulants for over 23 years testing various formulas on a variety of agricultural crops, vegetables, turfs, citrus and ornamentals. After extensive tests and practical applications with commercial farmers all over the Southwest, Midsouth and the Southeast, we are proud to offer Stimupro to growers everywhere.