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Stimupro is an organic compound containing naturally occurring plant extracts and ligno-proteins designed to increase root growth, increase chlorophyll in any plant that is green and actively growing.


Browse  Stimulant
A Time-Released Granular BioStimulant
By applying BrowseMax™ granules to quality browse such as honeysuckle, greenbriar, blackberry briars, beautyberry and any other native vegetation, you can significantly increase  important nutrients, protein and sugars and increase palatability on vegetation your deer are already browsing.  University studies by wildlife biologists have shown that protein and total digestable nutrients (TDN) can be increased by up to 15% with a 12 to 15 lb./acre application of BrowseMax™ browse stimulant.  BrowseMax™ is  rain-activated and releases a powerful  biostimulant into the soil enhancing native vegetation for up to 3 months. 
BrowseMax™ can be applied in a spreader on your 4-wheeler,  with seed or fertilizer,  or  spread by  hand.
Maximize  your native vegetation with BrowseMax™!